Daddy once said to me, “Go to school and learn your literature, read about William Shakespeare, educate yourself, I’ll pay school fees for you to do so.”.. So then I asked curiously: “How about you pay for me to become a Shakespeare? You know I love literature and writing so much.. I want to become like Shakespeare.” My father laughed angrily at me. Educate me.

Then at another time he said to me: “After school has closed, sit in the library, and there you’ll find books of Chinua Achebe, read his books, he’s among the few most prolific African writers in the world,at least read for vocabulary.” So then I asked: “Daddy, can I please become a Chinua Achebe when I grow up? I also want to become a part of the few plo..profili African writers in the world!” I said with a smile, but to this again, he angrily chuckled. Educate me.

When asked in school what I wanted to become when I grow up, my teacher’s answer to my answer was to limit my dreams in my quest for self actualisation, especially given the Fact that I was an African girl.

Educate me.

We are trapped in a society where we pay to learn about people we do not want to become, and are taught to limit our aspirations on who we want to become.

Educate me, Educate me, Educate me.

3:18 am.

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