Everyone is a product at least of something.

Everything is a product of something.

Who we appear to be is merely a point of time in the day, like the afternoon – at this point I’d like to remind the reader that even the night time is apart of the day. So what is a day? A complete process of both night time and day time, probably.

A day isn’t qualified by any when alone, but only when it is complete.. But the question is; are we ever complete?

Maybe yes in some ways, maybe never in others. So who are we, and who are we to judge others when our current point of view at anytime is based on which stage of the process we’re at?

Judgement is futile, though that’s all our mind has ever known to do since Eve, but maybe, only the condemned condemn (Cane), and not judging might be the only way we may be Able to be free.

The process never ends, but at least from freedom, we can expect some more growth.

2:17 am.

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