Some of us will be opening gifts underneath the Christmas tree; some for the first time, other just like the last time.

But how about if I showed you a gift, hidden so close to you, which doesn’t need time or season to be opened up..?  It has life, it has breath, and it can do so much more..only if you’d open it.

It’s potential is endless… Heaven only knows if one life would be enough to go through all of its features.. Awesome gift indeed!

Quite unfortunate but, this gift is rarely ever opened.. Mostly, it is kept away from people.. Everyone.. Including you, yourself, but this is your gift..

This Christmas season, as you unwrap gifts for the first time, or just like the last time, don’t forget to dis-cover yourself.. You’re a worthy gift.. Worthy of being opened and shared so the whole world can see you for all you’re truly capable of doing.. From dancing..poetry recital or writing.. Whatever gift it is..make sure you give yourself a chance to be your most favorite gift this Christmas, and Santa will never receive a letter from you again!

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